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Jarvis jumps

by henrycopeland
Friday, May 20th, 2005

Jeff Jarvis, my go to man for news from the front line in the war between blogging and conventional publishing, quits his job today as online chief at traditional publisher Advance. He’s going to continue walking the line, working with the NYT and a start-up conceived by Upendra Shardanand, a very early buyer of blogads.

Speaking of the bloggers versus journalists, I had an interesting conversation with a traditional publisher earlier this afternoon. He’d just spent a few days around a bunch of bloggers. He told me he was fascinated by the fact that bloggers are obsessed with their traffic/readers/feedback, while most traditional journalists are obstinately oblivious to their readers.

Seems pretty obvious the folks focused on their customers would outpace those who aren’t, right?

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