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by henrycopeland
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying Heather Green and Stephen Baker’s blogging at Business Week. Heather did something too few bloggers yet have the courage to do, calling up Jeff Jarvis and asking him about his leap into the moonlight. Well-timed soundings along the fault-line of change are fun. Let’s all do it more! (In a month it will be interesting to see how well Heather and Steve’s blogging maps to (or disrupts) their normal editorial schedule… maybe I’ll do that interview.)

Meanwhile, some miles back from the battle front (or ahead of it?) NYT just announced “targeted staff reductions” of 190 staff. Roughly 20 of those jobs will be in the newsroom. In editor Bill Keller’s odd phrasing, “In each of these cases, the position would disappear with the person.” Suggests a chilling trajectory for the whole industry?

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