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Truth in advertising

by henrycopeland
Friday, June 17th, 2005

MONICA VON DOBENECK “Of Our Palmyra Bureau” reports that a rural Pennsylvania county is going to be promoting the county with brochures that includes a scratch and sniff section scented with cow dung. An official says: “This is to educate people that if they have a farmer for a neighbor, they might have manure smells.”

Damn, we need this kind of thing for blog advertising. My colleagues and I spend a lot of time trying to explain blog readers to keeping up with the Jones advertisers. In fact, I’m eventually going to add some text up front on the site that says

If you are looking for cheap clicks, go here here. If you want 10 cent CPMs go here. If you want cantankerous, hard-to-convince, die-hard mavens stay here [link to here.

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