New stuff: McBlogads, wine, gayMTV… | Blogads

New stuff: McBlogads, wine, gayMTV…

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Great to see McDonald’s advertising on blogs for it’s new Redbox DVD service. The ad’s image is dreary as an ATM (I’d dreamed of something eye-grabbing like a DVD in a bun) but the direct appeal to blog readers — media-hungry, influential early adopters – is smart. Here’s an article about the idea.

This week, we also saw the first blogads for wine by Three Thieves, a label of Sutter Home. Though the ads don’t play this angle, there’s some harmony between the wine’s pitch — great wine in cheap containers — and the content peddled by bloggers. Anthony tried some this weekend and declared it “very drinkable!” Three cheers for Three Thieves, the official wine of blogads.

Finally, we also saw ads for MTV’s gay channel. Pretty dull ad, eh?

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