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Growing up (side down)

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

While the rest of us read Revenews, WSJ, Gawker and Adrants, what are the kids reading? Well, eight-year-olds are playing Runescape. And, when they are not buried in Xanga or AIM, the kidz slightly older are enjoying flash animations like these, at least according to Steve Locke, who wrote this morning from Amherst. Check out in particular: piehole, nader, doodoocaca, apple, avacado.

Lots of ideas in there for advertisers. Roughcut, profane, nihilist, unPC… how will corporate media/advertisers compete? Is there any media magazine (or blog) that focuses on kidz media consumption? What other stuff do you guys see going on?

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