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Buying more

by henrycopeland
Friday, August 5th, 2005

One of the great joys of organizing is that I get to talk with some of America’s coolest writers and advertisers. Earlier this week, I got a call from Chug Roberts, who runs a specialist publisher focusing on legislative processes called The firm has been buying blogads over the last twelve months and Chug wanted some feedback on their ads and to share some ideas about improving

Chug also said a bunch of nice things about Blogads, and after we hung up, he put some of his praise in writing:

“Having experimented with Blogads last year, we’ve devoted a much-increased portion of our marketing budget to your service this year. Blogads is a great service, simple to use and control. For a niche publisher like our company, Blogads has been a fantastic resource for reaching potential customers we couldn’t otherwise hit at affordable prices. I talk Blogads up whenever I can.”

Thank you Chug! I’ll be putting your testimonial up on our front page later this month.

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