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August is the culest month

by henrycopeland
Monday, August 15th, 2005

We went to the dog beach just south of Kure, NC Saturday and Taco slowly got interested in bouncing around the in the waves. We found lots of shells and saw two rays in the water. In the twilight before driving home, we walked out on the Kure pier and saw two pelicans.

Thursday we went to see the Durham Bulls. Down by 2 with one out in the ninth they came back to win by a run.

We spent yesterday painting the dining room. White!

Last weekend, we did some of the Looking Glass Rock hike, saw the Pisgah Fish Hatchery then waited for an hour for the thunder to pass and put us on Sliding Rock. The water at the bottom was shockingly cold and current-ripped and one kid had trouble keeping his head above water. They’ve added life-guards since I was last there 30 years ago.

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