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Katrina relief and the blogosphere(s)

by henrycopeland
Thursday, September 1st, 2005

A bunch of bloggers have written asking about coordinating the donation of ads for Katrina relief. While an individual blogger can always give an ad with his/her own “offer code,” some bloggers are trying to coordinate a larger effort. For example, last night the liberal blogger network donated a bunch of ad space for money that will go to the Red Cross, thanks to the efforts of Kari Chisholm and Chris Bowers.

Update: John Hawkins Right Wing News spearheaded conservative blogad sellers in donating an ad to MercyCorp.

Amid lots of other juggling, I’m working on similar stuff with other networks. Some folks have mooted the idea of having a friendly competition to make things happen.

And NZ Bear has a round up of blogger charity efforts.

Update As of 6.22PM Thursday, the Liberal network’s ads have raised $58,920.80.

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