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150 logos public

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

I’d hoped for perhaps 100 logos. So far, we’ve had a total of 281 logos submitted, 150 of which are now here.

We’re hugely pleased with the quality of contributions. A friendly designer had suggested that we’d only get 1 great submission for every 50 (something about the second standard deviation), but I think that roughly one in five are fantastic. I’m also happy about the level and quality of public involvement. We’ve had roughly 120 comments so far; in a number of cases, designers have taken advantage of feedback and tweaked their designs; some generous designers are offering each other tips.

Submissions close on September 9. You can wait until everything is public, or head over now to comment while designers still have time to incorporate your suggestions.

Some staff favorites: Oneshape, talking logo, Tangerine Garage, Chalkboard Garage, hodgepodge, Rip Torn (not the actor). Beyond these, there are a number of brilliant designs… the trick is trying to picture how the design would fit on our site AND on t-shirts and bumperstickers. There are a number of other great logos in the “unpublished” category — these will be uncovered once submissions close.

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