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Blogs in Senate hearings, Prairy Home and Google

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

How many of you heard Senator John Cornyn (R TX) quoting the Volokh Conspiracy in questioning John Roberts?

Well, I happened to be looking at my computer last night, and one of the blogs, and it’s always frightening to see ‘ to put your name in a search and look at the ways it’s mentioned. I suggest you don’t do that, if you haven’t, until this hearing is over, because this hearing is a subject of a lot of activity and interest in the blogosphere.

One of these blogs said that your comparison of a judge to a baseball umpire reminded him of an old story…

That was Cornyn’s first question. Want your message to be seen by at least one Senator? Start here.

I heard Garrison Keilor recommending catsup’s “natural soothing agents” this weekend to sooth bloggers’ frayed nerves, then read about this spat he’s having with a blogger.

Funnily enough if you search Google for “Google Blog Search” you won’t find its new service unless you look in the ads on the right.

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