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Ad Lanna

by henrycopeland
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

I spent Friday in Atlanta doing my last AMA blog thing. The highlight of the day was hanging out with two of our smartest customers.

I went to lunch with Richard Turner, auteur of Turner’s Vote Carrie and “Pie fight” blogads. Chowing at The Varsity — I downed a chocolate shake and diabolical onion rings — we mused about the buzz-making joys of buying ads on both sides of the ideological fence and the minute difference between hitting a solid double and a bases-loaded home run.

At 5PM, I caught up with Seth Miller, who designed those ads. We powered through two sweetwaters and a whirlpool of ideas, which Seth documents. Seth (another platypus) recently created a CafePress shirt after clicking on a blogad on Buzzmachine. Made me realize that CafePress needs to feature new, up to the minute, blogger-created T-shirts in its own blogads. Don’t tell people to create cool/newsie shirts, make them envy shirts being created in real time.

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