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Upyourbudget (without TV)

by henrycopeland
Friday, November 18th, 2005

Shankar Gupta pounces on the Upyourbudget story and extracts the money quote: the whole campaign cost less than a single 30 second TV spot. More from his article:

Scott Deaver, Budget’s chief marketing officer, said the entire contest and promotion–including the $160,000 in prize money–cost less than a single 30-second spot on a highly rated TV show. According to BlogAd’s tracking numbers, the campaign, as of Thursday night, recorded 19.9 million impressions on 125 different blogs, garnering 56,446 clicks at a cost of roughly 25 cents per click. The campaign kicked off Oct. 24, and will end today. The ads ran on major, big-name blogs like Gothamist.com, CityRag.com, and Metafiler.com, as well as smaller-name blogs like TheDailyWTF.com, TonyPierce.com, and YouAintNoPicasso.com. “That was the point, to try some grassroots stuff and try some of the smaller blogs. We wanted to reach a really broad population,” said [B.L.] Ochman. No matter what blog you’re looking at, if it’s consistently reaching its audience, it probably has some loyal following there.”

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