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BlogAds success stories…

by henrycopeland
Thursday, December 8th, 2005

An advertiser on DailyKos accelerates into traditional retailing.

Ryan lives in the boonies outside Kansas City, a member of the Osage tribe. He worked as a carpenter, helped his tribe’s language department record their dying language, and built his t-shirt business on the side. Eventually, he saved enough money to buy a dKos ad (they’re not cheap). Sales took off.

Now, Ryan’s T-shirts may be picked up by Urban Outfitters.

And Audi’s audacious campaign for the A3, promoted by a sophisticated layering of BlogAds, got ink in Business Week as one of six 2005 Online Marketing Pacesetters. As you’ll recall, with less than .5% of the campaign’s total budget, BlogAds generated 29% of total results. Call Brian Clark if you want to buy some of the secret sauce.

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