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Signs of the times…

by henrycopeland
Monday, January 16th, 2006

The Oregon Progressives blogad network just launched and attracted an ad for a Hillary Clinton campaign stop.

Meanwhile, more wild stuff from blogad auteur Brian Clark. Who the heck is Benjamin Stove anyway?

A fun ring tone blogad from Doctor Myra Vanderhood just down the road in the famed RTP. Add a few links and some text from specific pages like this and this, and she’s got a winner.

Finally, some folks in Boston just raised $6 million to fund a business based on the premises that a) the blogospheres aren’t optimally social b) blogging tools aren’t easy enough to use and b) good bloggers deserve money (or maybe frequent flyer points?) The powerpoint bulletpoints, blunt, greed-provoking and flattering to the viewer’s sense of brilliance and omniscience, almost write themselves.

(OK, call me a purist, but how ’bout a quick flag to the NYT’s ombudsman: the Boston Globe, New York Times-owned newspaper, managed to quote “entrepreneur” John Battelle without mentioning that he runs a company funded by the New York Times that is vaguely competitive with the company being profiled. A couple of months ago, NYT’s editorial page ran a column by Battelle arguing that the Internet boom isn’t a bubble this time; a mention of the seemingly pertinent entwinement of writer and publisher’s financial interests was omitted that time also.)

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