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The wages of punditry

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Last fall I was spouted off in ClickZ about the elite intellect of the average blog reader.

“Influentials are skeptical, cynical, and are the biggest pain in the ass around,” [Henry] told me. “People trust them because they’re doing their due diligence. So don’t create ads with babies doing jumping jacks and expect them to respond. Create advertising that’s honest and connects with the audience.”

So my friend Beth Kirsh, who is a marketing director at (the fountainhead of “babies doing jumping jacks” ads) asked the art department to give me the treatment. Voila. pic

Apparently, has spawned its own fan blog, LowerMyBillsWatch, which keeps up with LMB’s surreal messages. So maybe the jumping babies DO appeal to cynical elites.

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