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Moving steel

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Last year’s Audi A3 campaign included a small dose of blogads that delivered a major slice of the total site traffic. A few weeks ago, I met Jay Porter, who said he’d bought his A3 based on the blogads. I asked Jay (who sometimes blogs here ) to put it in writing.

I started shopping for a new car in Spring 2005. I was initially looking at a Prius but decided that paying such a premium was not the right way to go right now’ so I started shopping for my last non-hybrid car 😉 I was looking at Infinitis and Saabs initially, but kept seeing ads about a new Audi on my favorite blogs. I’ve always loved Audi but was not such a fan of the A4′ so I was thrilled to learn about the A3. While I thought the ‘stolen A3′ game was interesting, I didn’t actually play it. Instead I spent hours obsessively configuring an A3 on the Audi site. In June I finally went to the dealership and put a deposit down on a custom-ordered A3 Sport, pretty much fully loaded. Since taking delivery in October, I’ve been 100% happy with my choice’ and very glad I was one of the first to ‘discover’ this great new car’which incidentally gets great gas mileage!

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