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Dance to this

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Shankar Gupta reports on a contest to “build a band:”

The contest began May 23, with a Bolt staffer contributing a track of rhythm guitar, and auditions for a drummer opening. Prospective band members can download the existing track, listen, and add in their own layer. Pop band Three Days Grace then judges each entry, and the winner’s layer is added into the track, ready for the next round of auditions. Currently, the contest has selected a drummer and a bassist, and is looking for a lead guitarist, vocalist, and a “wild card” performer.

I’ll say it again: blogs are just the beginning. “Consumers” and “media” are web 1.0. And soon to be DOA. We’re entering an “unmediated/participant” economy that is far bigger and more dynamic than today’s. Restaurants that let customers use their food/kitchen to cook for friends. Auto companies that invite people to design cars to sell to friends and colleagues.

What does this mean in politics? Youtube is filling up with repurposed TV ads from candidates for California governor. Here are a bunch of ads for Phil Angelides. And here’s the opponent’s low tech response. A step in the right direction, but not yet unleashing real folks doing the talking, rather than the pros.

Not there’s not room for pros. Consider this brilliant ad. It’s just that, so often, amateurs say it so much more powerfully.

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