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100,000 readers

by henrycopeland
Thursday, May 10th, 2007

We’re just hours (minutes?) away from hitting 100,000 reader responses to this year’s blog reader survey. (Amazing, considering we did 56,000 last year.)

If you’ve already posted a survey, thank you! You can see preliminary data by logging and clicking “account” and “view.” Click on icons on the front page to get a glimpse of other people’s data. If you want to round out your data, feel free to invite another round of participants.

If your blog isn’t involved yet, please DO get involved. Get set up here: http://www.blogreaderproject.com/signup

Put the resulting URL in a post (or three) pitching your fans on contributing their answers — 12 minutes max, unless you are a brand-maniac. If you want, warn readers that the survey is long, BUT they can bail anytime after the first page and their data will help. (Once they hit booze questions, they’re almost home and deserve a drink.)

Again, here’s the link for getting started.

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