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Lobbying the lobbiests

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I’ve spent today in NYC, gently lobbying one of the biggest (and smartest) PR firms and its influential guests for more ad spending on blogs. I made sure everyone here read John Aravosis’ post about the pernicious impact of blogger relations by PR firms.

Liberal non-profits, political operations, and companies interested in reaching either a progressive audience or an inside-the-beltway crowd wouldn’t think twice about spending $60,000 on a Washington Post ad, spending a good chunk of change on an ad in The Hill or Roll Call, or paying a PR firm a $20,000+ a month retainer to get their news on the blogs, among other venues (NOTE: the very best way to get me NOT to cover a story is to have a PR firm contact me). But the notion of spending $800 (or hopefully, several thousand dollars) on a blog ad gives them serious pause. Then they turn around and expect favors.

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