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Bloggers are 4% of Details “power 50”

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Two bloggers made this year’s Details magazine list of the ‘most influential men under 45.’ Congratulations to Perez Hilton, #23, and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, #48, who share the distinction with such nuclear powers as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, #3, and iPhone designer Jonathan Ive, #22, and a couple of boys named Serge and Larry, #12. As Details explains, “There are no white-haired moguls or bank chairmen in attendance.”

On Perez: “His items have the power to create celebrities out of nobodies.” And Markos: “the entire left half of the Hill looks to the Kos the way networks look to the Nielsens.”

This isn’t the first time under-45 bloggers have appeared in Details. Check out this reprint of a 1992 Details article about Matt Welch by Henry Copeland. It’s a reprint, since Details’ online archives don’t cover pre-Civil War journalism.

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