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Hillary loans campaign $5 million?

by henrycopeland
Thursday, February 7th, 2008

“Hillary Rodham Clinton lent her campaign $5 million late last month as Barack Obama outraised and outspent her in the Democratic presidential race,” says the AP.

Where did HRC accumulate this money amid all her years of public service? I’m not suggesting the money is ill-gotten, but that some of it might come from a joint bank account with her husband. She did get an

$8 million book advance in 2000, but after taxes that number drops to roughly $4 million. Maybe that money was shrewdly invested in post-bubble Internet stocks that were in HRC’s name only.

If not, headlines might read “Hillary and Bill” loan campaign $5 million. I assume all this will be covered in disclosure documents. I realize that when Romney gives his campaign tens of millions from a bank accounts held jointly with his spouse, the headlines don’t read “Mitt and Ann invest in campaign,” but Bill Clinton makes the story more complex. And the headlines for Romney should be corrected too.

I liked Hillary a lot when I saw her speak at YearlyKos in Chicago last August, but I think she’d do better, now and in the Whitehouse, if she wasn’t shadowed (or overshadowed) by big Bill.

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