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Pizza Hut idiocy

by henrycopeland
Monday, December 15th, 2008

Wow, bad, bad, bad.

Ian Schafer pansPizza Hut’s new viral video:

Lets see…anger mom & pop pizza places (yes, in this economy), and bring in the mass-produced bastardization of their bread and butter to rub in their face. Yeah. That makes me feel better about Pizza Hut. It’s one thing to call out your competition if they are another chain. It’s another to insult small businesses.

My advice? Next time, stop trying to make a ‘viral’ with the goal of getting views, and instead, focus on creating content that actually builds your brand — or at least makes it look good.

This one is made for the Suxorz at SXSW 09. Posting now to the Suxorz Facebook group.


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