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Always-On people’s nerves…

by henrycopeland
Thursday, July 10th, 2003

Just noticed that blog-poseur Tony Perkins has resorted to telemarketing VCs (at 5.30AM!) for his coming Always-On conference.

This tactic seems odd, since the Always-On “blog” — I wish there was some way to capitalize quotation marks — is supposed to already serve all the cognoscenti of Silicon Valley.

Perhaps some blog advertising would be a more effective promotional tactic, Tony?

(Disclosure Part I: Tony was pretty disgruntled when I ragged him back in March for claiming he’d created “the next level of blogging,” which was, in fact, “a last-gasp of print publishing.” Disclosure part II: Tony ultimately apologized (see comments of this post) for his petulance. Disclosure Part III: Always-On still misses most of the attributes, listed in my first critique of the site, that make blogs great.)

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