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Remember your last exams?

by henrycopeland
Thursday, January 8th, 2004

Csaba Garay, one of the key guys coding Blogads, took December off to complete his master’s degree at Hungary’s brutally hard Budapesti Mûszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem. I haven’t talked to Csaba since before Christmas. Wow, it makes my spine tingle to remember taking those final exams.

Csab (11:50 AM) :
exams: 2 down one to go.
henry (11:51 AM) :
great. and the thesis bug got resolved?
Csab (11:51 AM) :
but the last one should be easier than these two…
Csab (11:51 AM) :
yupp. I allready turned it in..
henry (11:51 AM) :
henry (11:52 AM) :
must feel darn good.
Csab (11:55 AM) :
yes, it’s a biiig relief…
henry (11:55 AM) :
must feel like a weight lifted from your shoulders.
Csab (11:55 AM) :
especially after this last exam i had today… I was up all night studying hard for a ‘C’ (3)
henry (11:56 AM) :
Wow. Sometimes the best grades are the 3s… which are much better than 1s, right?
Csab (11:56 AM) :
The teacher was kind of picky. giving me a hard time…
henry (11:56 AM) :
henry (11:57 AM) :
I’m glad to report that blogads is growing pleasantly as you study… at current rates, bloggers will be doing roughly 100 million impressions a month in November, so we’ll have to work hard to keep up. 🙂
Csab (11:57 AM) :
2 days ago i was told i was stupid to pick this subject as a final exam (i did not know about it…) and turned out to be true. There were only 2 other guys besides me, while on other courses there were like 20-30…
henry (11:58 AM) :
Csab (11:58 AM) :
that IS great news about Blogads! I’m glad to hear that. You do a good job at marketing, and promoting!
henry (12:00 AM) :
your nice machine and a string of lucky synapses… leading from mattwelch to gregbeato to atrios to talkingpoints to daily kos and others… i hope the string keeps unrolling for us.
Csab (12:01 AM) :
i hope so too.
henry (12:01 AM) :
ok, won’t keep you. when are you back with us?
Csab (12:01 AM) :
henry (12:02 AM) :
wow. i better get my head organized.
Csab (12:02 AM) :
henry (12:02 AM) :
ok, i wish you a good night’s sleep and some relaxation.
Csab (12:03 AM) :
will have a little drink with friends tonight, then a long good night sleep, and back in the saddle..
Csab (12:03 AM) :
thank you!
Csab (12:03 AM) :
see you tomorrow then!
henry (12:03 AM) :
see you tomrrow.

Here’s a prior icq with Csaba via his mobile phone. Why do I blog this stuff? Because I’d like to remember it, and hope a couple of you who know us will enjoy the grist.

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