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Blog advertising ROI

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Stephen Bach, creator of the Dude where’s my weapons? tee shirts, recounts his experience buying blogads on Talkingpointsmemo. Among other things, Steve writes:

The ad went live at the end of March, and within a few hours, not only were we getting hits, we were receiving actual on-line orders! The entire ad was a direct link to our site. Simply by clicking anywhere on the image or copy, the reader is immediately directed to By logging into, we are able to track the number of page views, AND the number of ‘clicks’ (the number of readers who click on the link to our site.) In one week, over 650,000 people saw our add, and over 6,600 visited the site (about a 1% ‘click-through’). Out of that 6,600, we sold to 2% in one week, all for a $300 investment.

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