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Fossil adstrip

by henrycopeland
Thursday, April 8th, 2004

Tamas just pulled a pile of papers off a shelf above his desk. Ten chunks of paper patched together with staples and tape, the paper prototype we used to map out the clickthru for the “blogadz” network code on April 11, 2002. Here’s the prototype for the adstrip, conceived for On top, an ad for “Joe’s Bar,” including a photo. There’s an ad for Ken’s book Dot.con, with the tag line “click to read extract.” Another: “I give the best massages in the Bay Area. Your life will change.” An ad for a band, “clicktolistentothemjamclickclickclick.” An ad, “I disagree,” taken out by a reader to dispute a (fictional) Layne post in praise of inebriated driving. At the bottom: “Buy a blogad for as little as $4!”


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