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Blog readers discussed by MediaPost

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Kate Kaye does a great job rounding up the recent blog reader survey in MediaPost.

One thing unmentioned in the article that Kate and I had talked about: the number of bloggers among blog readers. Kate said she’s sometimes suspected that blogs are read mostly by people who write blogs, so was surprised that only 21% of blog readers are also bloggers. On the other hand I was surprised that that many are bloggers themselves.

I guess 20% strikes a nice balance: guaranteeing that messages broadcast beyond the blogosphere, but also increasing the chances that blog ads can resonate within the blogosphere and pick up secondary links or discussion.

(Worth re-reading Duncan Watts on mathematics of epidemics, and the necessary balance between inside/outside, closed/open to sustain propogation.)

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