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by henrycopeland
Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

Roundup of blog reviews of .

Excellent blog journalism moves elections in… [url=http://www.pestiside.hu/archives/pestiside_1_soros_0_in_online_electionthrowing_contest000182.php]Budapest.

We went to the state fair yesterday, losing at the ball toss, winning with squirt guns. Lots of pellet shooting at the free stand run by the state wildlife agency. I was surprised to see that Kerry stickers outnumbered Bush stickers 3 to 1.

Ken Layne pulls together lots of ugly peak oil data. Travel like this will one day seem as remote as the days when millions of buffalo roamed the American west.

How can Business Week feature Matt Haughey’s throughout this article but mispell his name?

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