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Another great book blogad

by henrycopeland
Friday, March 4th, 2005

Alex Lencicki of Crown Books, pivotting off of Knopf’s advertising for the esoteric cult hit Kafka on the shore, serves up a blogad for the new book Angry Black White Boy, a hip-hop inversion of Invisible Man.

Instead of serving up the publishing industry’s online standard, a shrunken and fuzzy book cover that insults the viewer, Crown gives us custom-designed bold, ink-dripping image perfectly sized to fit on a blog.

Crown doesn’t quite equal Knopf’s genius of excerpting/linking to blogs — the book hits stores tommorrow — but does link directly to a review in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Crown one-ups Knopf, though, with an MP3 of the book’s prologue, including the click-bait “explicit lyrics.”

Great to see a couple of book publishers brainstorming and learning from each other in public, real-time text.

Like bloggers, really.

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