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Misc notes on a Friday night

by henrycopeland
Saturday, March 5th, 2005

Ken Layne, who recently had a son, notes that our friends “Charlie & Bonnie had a baby girl last night, and I was mighty happy to hear this good news. This whole “let’s all have a bunch of babies” thing is fun as hell. There’s a serious Martian Mining Colony gang in the works, in 20 years or so, and I hope they all send lots of e-mail & photos back to their folks here on Earth.”

I’ve decided next Christmas I’m only buying presents from blog advertisers, as part of our “We wish you a bloggin’ Christmas” (TM) campaign. The early contender for my chief Santa’s helper is the irredeemably irresistibly Reemco.

We went fishing last Saturday and briefly landed a catfish. First soccer practice on Thursday, cool but brilliant. Walked to school today, after a long winter of riding. T-bones with Tig Tillinghast last night here, introducing dogs and telling him about our favorite children’s books. Two great videos this week via Netflix, Small Change and the Dinner Game. Dinner at Carrburittos. A captivating child’s copter game. As with most human endeavors, gravity rules.

Yale does a good thing.

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