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by henrycopeland
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

The new ad for Camille Paglia’s book about poetry is one of the best blogads yet.

Great image. Fun text. Best of all, links into the blogosphere… real people who give a darn about the book and its author. Blogad author: Farah Miller at Pantheon. Here’s the image, but don’t miss the text, which is where the real fun is.


There’s some post-modern intertextual polymorphic joy (not forgetting that Paglia hates post-modernism) in the fact that Paglia’s publisher bought an ad on Anne Althouse’s blog quoting an Althouse post that quoted Paglia saying: “Once you’re ‘swept up in the blogosphere,’ you become self-referential.”

Hey, you can have fun with advertising! Let’s get out of the stiff and starched print-it-once-a-month-and-pray-that-someone-reads-it mentality. This Paglia ad is a wonderful respite from book blogads with blurry images sporting mumbling unreadable text, the bain of my existence.

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