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Image server problems…

by henrycopeland
Friday, September 2nd, 2005

We’re having trouble right now with the servers at that host our images. We’re trying to get things straightened out. I apologize for the problems. If you are an advertiser, we’ll be crediting you a day. If you are a blogger, the easiest approach is defering your currently running ads until this freak storm passes. Again, I’m very sorry for the problem.

Update 5.15 I called Voxel 30 minutes ago and heard that I’d be getting an answer shortly. I guess shortly might be longly. The good news, at least until Tuesday morning, is that as folks go home for the long weekend, bandwidth consumption is dropping off so our load balancing is doing a more adequate job. At this point, though Voxel’s problems continue, everyone’s adstrips should be working Ok. If not, please drop us a line.

Update 6.30 Tracked down someone Voxel and he was super helpful. We’ll have the problem solved tomorrow morning.

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