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Jarvis: take the ad?

by henrycopeland
Monday, September 5th, 2005

Jeff Jarvis asks his readers whether he should accept a blogad for a t-shirt bashing FEMA. So far, his readers say no, 9 to 0.

Chug Roberts, who has Blogads running in many corners of the blogosphere for his publications, suggests that advertisers donate space to relief efforts. He’s been replacing his own ads with appeals for the Salvation Army.

Rogers Cadenhead is catching some flak for mooting the idea that liberals and conservatives stage a friendly competition to raise money for Katrina relief. FWIW, I’ve heard this suggestion from people on both sides of the aisle and thought it was a good idea, though the various efforts have diverged at this point and a horse race would be difficult. Having said that, I’m waiting to hear from the folks who work with MercyCorps to talk about separate landing pages for various networks, including John Hawkin’s conservative network, who are already running MercyCorps ads.

At this point, the liberal network has raised $157,000 for Katrina relief.

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