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How One Blogger Quintupled Her Ad Revenue

by Nick Faber
Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Why did she do it?

“So that everyone else can learn just how great I already know you are.”

Last month, The Possessionista, the blogger who helps you replicate celebrity fashion, offered up an incredible deal that quintupled her monthly ad revenue. She thanked her loyal readers for their support using a Blogads feature available to all of our bloggers. Her “thank you” post, and accompanying discount offer, exposed her site to 35 new advertisers and potential repeat customers.

The Possessionista used this attractive "Thank You" image at the top of her post.

Her pitch? Offer affordable ad space to her readers, many of whom have blogs and small businesses of their own that they want to promote. For just $5 a month, her readers could purchase a 125×125 ad and reach her loyal fanbase of likeminded possessionistas. At that price, buying an ad was easy for first-time advertisers, and the way was paved for future buys.

How can this work for your blog?

Your readers are passionate about what you’re passionate about, and they know the value of your blog’s community. If you haven’t done so already, try making more ad unit types available. There are sizes and units for every blog layout. Because every advertiser has different needs, it’s important to offer a broad array of choices.

Write a great ad post to tell your potential advertisers about your ad options. Remind them about the passionate community they are a part of, and make it easy for first-time buyers.

Know your audience. If your readers love fashion, direct the offer to boutiques and jewelers. If your blog is locale-specific, give restaurants a chance to reach a local audience. If you write a gaming blog, go after developers looking for new gamers.

Make the offer irresistible. Use a discount code to set bargain prices. At $5 a month, the Possessionista’s deal attracted 35 new advertisers.

Spruce up your “Advertise Here” page. This may just look like an order form, but with a great looking header, advertiser testimonials, and demographic information, this page is your custom media kit.

Congratulations to The Possessionista for a great month, and here’s to more great months for even more bloggers.

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