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London haze

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, April 16th, 2003

I’m enjoying walking beneath London’s emerald sky soaking up the heat and velvet haze.

Monday night, Seyed treated me to a fine plate of gnocchi near his house in west London and snapped my first mobile photo. He’s got scores of disruptive twists to explore with Blogshares and I’m glad we’re able to contribute to his cashflow. Seyed’s idea is radical and, having met him, am confident he’s gonna have lots of fun. To my VC friends: drop him a line.

This afternoon, I enjoyed a couple of beers with Phil, who runs the Internet operations for the biggest division of one of the UK local publishing giants; we compared notes about the various dragons breathing down his company’s neck. To advertise the fine boat he’s bought with friend to rent out on weekends, Phil may soon find himself in the perverse position of buying Google Adwords, since conventional media offers neither the volume, granularity or affordability he needs to reach clients. (Assuming my link alone doesn’t give him a page rank of 10.)

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