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Not at #SXSW? You’re not alone.

by Nick Faber
Sunday, March 13th, 2011

The ~18k people are at SXSWi this year are only .0000025% of the world’s population, but it seems some of the Internauts who are not in Austin feel lonely.

Or bitter.

The bad news: registration may be capped next year. Get in line now people.

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EVO ’10 Roundup

by Blogads Staff
Monday, July 12th, 2010

Blogads trekked to Park City, Utah for the first-ever Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference and found a bona fide grassroots get-together with outstanding panelists. As several attendees put it: like the very early days of Blogher.  Great to see our bloggers there, including Jen Neal of NakedJen, Anne-Marie Nicholes of ThisMamaCooks and Heather Spohr of The Spohrs are Multiplying.  More swag than advertisers though, which was a shame, since these close-knit conferences are uncanny chances for advertisers to meet super-connected social media influentials.  To wit, the 350-attendee conference had 340 Facebook fans, over 1,000 Twitter followers and more than 100,000 mentions of #evoconf (still counting!).

We’d be remiss to leave out:

– The Blogads t-shirt proved resilient at its highest elevation yet (9,990 ft above sea level).
– Bush’s Beans clocked over 300 mustachioed photos on their Facebook fan page by setting up a costume prop table and digital photo booth at the party.
– Stephanie Smirnov of De Vires PR’s postscript love letter to the FTC after her resort ravings and props for the local brew.
– A fully-clothed pool jump to conclude the festivities! (via Marlynn Schotland of UrbanBliss)

You can see all the dust this out-West blogger meetup kicked up here.

Suxorz panel complete

by henrycopeland
Saturday, January 17th, 2009

The panel I’m moderating at SXSW now has its fourth panelist: Sara K. Smith of Wonkette fame.

Smith joins Zadi Diaz, Jeff Jarvis and Mike Monello.

We crowdsourced the fourth panelist, pulling submissions from Facebook and then running balloting through Surveymonkey. Smith got the biggest chunk of the 2,059 votes cast.

To prime your water cannons for our Saturday morning panel in Austin, here’s the panel description:

Bring popcorn and rotten tomatoes! Braving hate-mail from last year’s “winners,” the Suxorz ’09 panel returns to dissect the ten worst social media and web 2.0 ad campaigns of the year. Together, we’ll shame the marketers who abuse people-powered media.

See any social media marketing horror shows recently? Head over to our Facebook group to nominate.

One mile high

by henrycopeland
Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I’m in Denver plugging into the house generously shared by Matt Welch and the team from Reason. In a couple of minutes, I’m headed over to see how big The Big Tent is.

Netroots Nation to Pittsburgh?

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This year’s Netroots Nation in Austin was amazing. Great people, conversations, energy, ideas, debate. But it looks like Netroots Nation will be held in Pittsburgh next year. Conferences are all about building a culture, and Austin is an amazing place to build a culture. I’m skeptical about Pittsburgh.

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