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Server outage…

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Another weird outage on the server that caches some Blogads. This server, hosted at ServerBeach, has been flaky. We just tried to restart using our Serverbeach console and, after ten minutes, the message came back “Support Ticket Open to Investigate.” We thought we understood what was going on a couple of weeks ago and had fixed the likely suspects… but apparently not. I apologize for the outage and will keep you updated.

(Update1: we’ve now got a backup server carrying the load. Will hardwire this backup switch in coming days.)

For any bloggers who enjoy coding, we’ve got some perl scripts that cache ads on your server and eliminate any risks… although, we sure plan on getting this current server glitch exterminated fast.

(Update2 turns out Serverbeach sent this note immediately after our server went down:


I’m currently working on your server. There were some hardware problems,
so I put your hard drive in a new server. However, the nic appears to be
bad, so I’m putting your hard drive in another server. I will let you
know when I’m done.


ServerBeach Support//

Nearly twelve hours later, no updates from ServerBeach. Looks like we need to head back to Rackspace, which prides itself on “fanatical support.” It is four times as expensive, but we’ve always had great experience with our servers there.

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