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Josh feasts on Edwards

by henrycopeland
Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Josh Marshall hears James Carville say John Edwards is the world’s best stump speaker, so he goes to see Edwards speak. “For most of the time Edwards was doing his presentation, putting on his show, I hadn’t the slightest question what Carville was talking about. While I was watching, in the moment, that is, I also didn’t have much question that Edwards would be the eventual nominee. He’s that good. His comfort level with a crowd, his ability to roll with and into their moods and reactions, and his ability to craft his talk into a resonant story (a narrative, as we used to say) is simply light years beyond what Kerry or Clark can manage. (Dean is sort of in a whole different category — he tries for something different.) He’s down-to-earth, gesticulating all over the place, with folksy aphorisms and punch lines all put in the right spots, but in an unforced, uncontrived matter. He’s funny and folksy, in a campaign sort of way.”

Despite the feast, Josh is hungry later.

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