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New server…

by henrycopeland
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Appears that condor, the server caching blogads, is being swamped by New Hampshire primary traffic. We originally planned to bring on a new server Friday to absorb projected load, but will accelerate launch to tomorrow morning. The new server will be named “sparrow” — fast and lite-feeding.

The good news, for tonight, is that Americans on the East coast are going home, which usually drops blog readership. Usually. We’ll see.

Update 7.24AM The sparrow if flying happily. Tamas and Csaba have reconfigured so that even at three times yesterday’s load, adstrips will serve fast. Now we’ll start planning for what comes after 3 X growth… in a few weeks?

Update 2.53PM Kill one bottleneck and find another! All images are being served swiftly now after some load balancing this morning. Have just rented one more server to absorb any over-flow from these bubbly primaries.

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