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Live from Bucharest

by henrycopeland
Saturday, June 12th, 2004

My comrade-in-ink Matt is back in the mysterious East of Europe. Emmanuelle will have photos here soon I hope.

We went to see HP last night, celebrating the end of school. The Pythonesque ballooning-aunt-to-bus-ride-to-hunchback-butler-to-Weasley-warning sequence had me thinking “this could be the greatest movie of all time!” But then HP lost its manic jag and slipped back to being merely a very good movie for kids-at-heart.

Championship T-ball game at 1PM today. With Sabermetric precision, we’ve determined that 22.1% of (our) outs come from jogging to first base, so we all practiced running to first base last night.

Update: Everyone played lots of positions. Pirates were the home team and didn’t get our last at-bat when the Dodgers fell one short of matching our 15 runs.

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