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The Terminal

by henrycopeland
Sunday, June 27th, 2004

We drove to Black Mountain Sunday night through thunderstorms. Slept until 11AM yesterday, a rare treat. Then a short hike through the fragrant woods, finding a brown ladybug and a red newt. While the sandwich generations played rook, last night my wife and I ate at Salsa in Asheville — more restaurants and tourists than ever — and then to see Tom Hanks in The Terminal. It’s a hard movie to peg — starts serious, then gets frantic, then shuffles into a mythic/magical realism mode. Perhaps because the lead character reminded me — in gate, visage, ethic and accent — of Dragan, my tennis buddy in Paris who has long been infatuated by the US, I really enjoyed the movie. Today, another hike and then back to the heat of eastern NC. Update: we found a turtle (now named “Bob”), a mouse and some Indian Pipes (a non chlorophylic flower) on Sunday’s hike.

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