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by henrycopeland
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

36 years ago, man stepped on the moon. See Google’s map of the landing area. (via Sploid.

I was seven and my family spent that summer in an apartment in Boston. I remember finding $1.75 is silvery change in a playground sandbox. I remember walking around on Old Ironsides in awe. I remember bargaining with a couple of street-stumbling flower children for a bongo drum; they wanted $5, but ultimately gave up and gave me the drums. I recall playing lots of games of “memory.” I remember the glass flowers in some Harvard museum.

And I remember waking up at 1AM to watch some black and white dots move across a borrowed TV screen… which way was up? which patch was man or foot or moon dust?

Somehow that summer branded my senses and today I have a strong affection for steamy cities.

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