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by henrycopeland
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Just got an ad for a new Monty Python series on PBS starting on Feb 22, with six one hour slices of Cleese, Gilliam, Chapman, Idle, Jones & Palin’s greatest work. This got me Googling Monty Python. I still love these guys. Here’s Mrs. Premise calling Mr. Sartre, who she met on vacation last year

Oh, thank you, Mrs Varley. (dials) Hallo. Paris 621036 please and make it snappy, buster… (as they wait they sing ‘The Girl from Ipanema’) Hallo? Hello Mrs Sartre. It’s Beulagh Premise here. Oh, pardon, c’est Beulagh Premise ici, oui, oui, dans Ibeezer. Oui, we met… nous nous recontrons au Hotel Miramar. Oui, à la barbeque, c’est vrai. Madame S. – est-ce que Jean est chez vous? Oh merde. When will he be free? Oh pardon. Quand sera-t-il libre? Oooooh. Ha ha ha ha (to Mrs Conclusion) She says he’s spent the last sixty years trying to work that one out. (to Madame Sartre) Très amusant, Madam S. Oui absolument… à bientôt. (puts the phone down) Well he’s out distributing pamphlets to the masses but he’ll be in at six.

Another point of interest for blogad geeks: yesterday we got some ads for Coke’s Turino blogs.

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