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Estee Lauder blogad

by henrycopeland
Thursday, September 21st, 2006

A day I never thought I’d see… an Estee Lauder blogad. According to the WSJ, this is part of the beauty company’s first big push online.

Estée Lauder has advertised online for some of its brands and has long operated Web sites for its products. But the company’s launch of an online ad push for one of its best-known brands is significant in an industry that hasn’t been as aggressive as some in embracing the Web. Cosmetics makers and retailers have long believed that shoppers preferred to sample new products before buying them and needed a trained consultant at a sales counter to tell them what was best for their particular skin and concerns.

Attitudes have begun to change in the past year or so as an increasing number of consumers go online to research — and buy — cosmetics. “It used to be much easier to reach the consumer, and print ads were the standard,” says Marjorie Lau, vice president of Estée Lauder Marketing North America. “Today, consumers are more savvy, more involved and do a lot of research online.”


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