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The people in people-powered media

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

One of the joys of doing this business is watching people. Some grow. Some regress. And many, as a family friend once put it, just “become more like themselves.”

I’m happy to learn that Max Kalehoff, one of my favorite folks who was doing social media before it was hip, is joining a start-up.

Meanwhile, video baron Andrew Barron takes pot-shots at Jason Calacanis, the fastest mouth in the west. Barron disses Mahalo, Calacanis’ business, saying it hasn’t gotten good reviews and relies on advertising. (Who doesn’t?) Calacanis punches back convincingly in Barron’s comments.

Finally, I forgot to link to New York Magazine profile of Nick Denton.

Ultra-finally, here’s an interview that IDI’s Kevin Ried did with me recently.

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