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Advance trading on Comscore Google data?

by henrycopeland
Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Remember when Goog spent the first quarter tanking, trending lower in sync with Comscore analysis of declining paid clicks, analysis that turned out to be wildly misleading in the end?

Well, GOOG jumped this week in trading leading up to Comscore’s release of a very bullish report on Google’s paid click growth. After being down Monday, Google opened Tuesday at 548 and spent all day trending up, closing at 560. The stock gapped higher the next morning and opened at 568. That night Google closed at 568. After trading closed, Comscore released its estimates
and Google jumped to 575 the next morning.

So anyone who had an inkling Tuesday morning that Comscore’s release Wednesday night was going to be very bullish for Google made a quick $27, a profit that would be vastly multiplied by playing in options.


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