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DNC ’08

by henrycopeland
Friday, August 29th, 2008

Memorable moments: “connections and food” in the big tent; hanging with Welch and Flynn at the Casa Reason; talking Pumas with Tribbett, markets with Goddard, baseball with Kos, newspapers with SusanG; watching Michelle Obama rivet “see” into key transitions in her speech, despite the teleprompter’s script; hearing a yahoo standing on the corner shouting “Obama’s too inexperienced to be President” … this from a dude who sounded like he struggled to get out of 8th grade; buying “Born 2 Win” t-shirts and seeing the 70ish woman beside me hold the hand of the the young woman selling the t-shirts and say, “honey, your generation can do so much.”

I regret not being in Denver tonight but hope to watch it on TV.

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