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Suxorz panelist ballot

by henrycopeland
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Nominations are in and now it’s time to vote for the fourth and ultimate Suxorz panelist.

Vote here!

For those of you who’ve forgotten, Suxorz is the panel I’m moderating at SXSW Interactive ’09. Here’s the description SXSW’s site (tweaked):

Bring popcorn and rotten tomatoes! Braving hate-mail from last year’s “winners,” the Suxorz ’09 panel returns to dissect the ten worst social media and web 2.0 ad campaigns of the year. Together, we’ll shame the marketers who abuse people-powered media.

Everyone on the ballot was nominated through the Suxorz Facebook page and has affirmed their willingness to participate.

Write a blog post, call grandma, twitter your kids, or tell your neighbor to vote & and we’ll release results Friday!


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