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Suxorz panel complete

by henrycopeland
Saturday, January 17th, 2009

The panel I’m moderating at SXSW now has its fourth panelist: Sara K. Smith of Wonkette fame.

Smith joins Zadi Diaz, Jeff Jarvis and Mike Monello.

We crowdsourced the fourth panelist, pulling submissions from Facebook and then running balloting through Surveymonkey. Smith got the biggest chunk of the 2,059 votes cast.

To prime your water cannons for our Saturday morning panel in Austin, here’s the panel description:

Bring popcorn and rotten tomatoes! Braving hate-mail from last year’s “winners,” the Suxorz ’09 panel returns to dissect the ten worst social media and web 2.0 ad campaigns of the year. Together, we’ll shame the marketers who abuse people-powered media.

See any social media marketing horror shows recently? Head over to our Facebook group to nominate.


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