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Two old grouches

by henrycopeland
Monday, March 2nd, 2009

What’s older than yesterday’s gossip?

Yesterday’s gossips.

Doddering gossip doyenne Liz Smith and former rumor-monger Lloyd Grove get together at the Daily Beast to rue the revolution.

What has been the impact of Internet sites like Perez Hilton and Gawker, who are putting up items on an hourly basis?

I don’t think they mean anything either, except they mean instant success for these very, very energetic and ambitious young people. And it’s perfectly fine, but I wouldn’t give any credence to most of the stuff I read. I mean, there are no publishers, no editors, no lawyers vetting anything. This is the problem with the Internet where everybody has a voice and we’re stuck with it. We’re going to have the Internet even when we don’t have things to eat. We’re going to still have it. I’m all for it, and I’m doing it myself on the site, but it’s not important. It isn’t even semi-important.

Turns out Smith was making $125k a year at the Post.

And here’s some video of Smith grousing about “these kids.”

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